General Info. (FAQ)

Q1: Why do you need accurate and reliable measures?
A: It is simple, if you buy a material of 1M, you will measure the length of material with a
1M ruler and buy it. but just a moment, please, think about the ruler you have in your hand
now, is it a real 1M ruler? If it is an about 1 M ruler, you maybe get money or lose money.
Shinwa rulers check the accuracy with the checking equipment calibrated by 1 M standard
possessed by Japanese Industry Technology laboratory.

Q2: What is JIS standard?
A1: Metal Rules JIS Abstract
A2: Squares JIS Abstract

Q3: What is JCSS system?
A: Please click here.

Q4: What are US stocked items?
A: Please click "Catalog"

Q5: Do you have other items than US stocked items?
A: Please click here. Some items are possible to be made back-order to Japan but required extra-costs.

Q6: What is Traceability system in Shinwa Rules Co.,Ltd. (Parent company of Shinwa Measuring Tools Corp)
A: Please click here for Shinwa Measuring's Traceability Description