The feature of Shinwa woodworking

Shinwa Brand Rulers for Industrial Use

The definition of measure is to find the size, length, or amount using a standard unit.
Measuring also gives value to an item.
Is the length of the ruler you are using reliable? Please, check the brand on the ruler. Shinwa’s brand is a symbol of reliability in measurement. The length of Shinwa Rulers can be traced to the national standard meter.
(Ref. Traceability System)
Shinwa brand rulers are vital in industrial use. Our rulers are made according to JIS
standard of quality.
(Ref. Summary of JIS standard)
Shinwa brand rulers have HC non-reflective finish for EASY READING.

Shinwa brand rulers are etched in black to PROTECT GRADUATIONS FROM FADING OUT EASILY.

Shinwa Brand for Woodwork, Plumbing, Home Building

Shinwa is always thinking about products beyond their primary use. Shinwa strives for finer, faster, and more efficient tool.

For example, Shinwa brand chalk lines have new functions with sophisticated design, smoother motion, and stress free auto retraction lines.

Shinwa Squares are light weight, handy, and stainless items, beautifully finished for easy reading. The angle of accuracy of the carpenters square is according to JIS standards.
(Ref. Summary of JIS standard)
Shinwa Miter Gauges are for top speed when cutting a picture or window frame.

Shinwa Plumb Holder has a quick stop structure for speed plumbing.

Shinwa group is always looking to the future!