The feature of Shinwa woodworking

The feature of Shinwa Brand Rulers For industry

Measure = to find the size, length, or amount of something using standard unit.
Measure= to judge the value of something.
The length of a ruler you are using is reliable?
Please check the brand on the ruler, first.
Shinwa brand on the ruler is a symbol of reliable length.
The length of Shinwa Rulers trace to the national standard meter.
(Ref. Traceability System)
Shinwa brand rulers are needed in the industrial use.
Our rulers are making according to JIS standard quality.
(Ref. Summary of JIS standard)

HC finish (non-reflective finish) = EASY READING
Etched black color plated graduations=PROTECT GRADUATIONS FADE-OUT EASILY

For woodwork, plumbing, house builders

Shinwa is always thinking about products beyond their primary use.
More fine, more speedy and more efficient work than ever.
For example, Shinwa brand chalk lines go for more smooth motion, Stress free, sophisticated
design and new functions (auto retractable line).
Squares are light and handy and stainless items are beautiful finish for easy reading.
Angle accuracy of carpenters square is according to JIS.
(Ref. Summary of JIS standard)
Miter gauges are for speed cut of picture frame or window frame.
Plumb holder is for speed plumbing, with quick stop structure plumb.

Shinwa group is always going ahead.